Lancashire Cycleway 2 nights: The Northern Loop 120 miles 3 days (Friday to Sun)

The glorious and challenging Northern Loop of the Lancashire Cycleway haven’t yet daunted the women who have completed this tour since 2013.

Starting out in Preston at Broughton crossroads, and heading first to the small market town of Kirkham the route covers several parts of the undulating Lancashire countryside.

The small country roads and paths cross the vast Bowland Fells and skirt the edges of Lancaster.

A lovely stop in Carnforth, followed by a quick drop in at Arnside and then to Borwick and our accommodation for the night….

In 2013 when this adventure first ran, Jo and Susan used the Cicerone guide which includes lots of useful hints and tips to navigate the route in tricky places. The arrival at our accommodation was suitably grand, we stayed at the impressive Borwick Hall in shared cabins and with marvellous grounds to explore. Dinner that night was in a local restaurant and breakfast the next morning was a shared task with porridge on the menu. The second day presented several challenges, most of them hilly, and off the route.  We all had a hard and endless climb over Cross O’Greet, facing the bracing Lancashire winds head on – the beauty of this climb was a stunning fast descent into Slaidburn where we found a fabulous welcome and satisfying lunch menu at the Hark to Bounty

When the group of adventurers left Slaidburn for good, they had no idea about the road ahead. When they eventually arrived back in Preston, in dribs and drabs, it was a hearty warm meal they craved, and beans on toast delivered!

Next Tour date: 27th- 29th August (2 nights)

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