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Want to book a tour with us? Got a question: see our FAQs below or need some help? Contact the team via email, or using the form.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Auestions):

  • Do I have to navigate myself?

Yes, although you are cycling with several other women, often it’s small groups and so we encourage you to work together to cycle the route. If you have a sat.nav you can download the routes. You should also bring a map/or maps which cover the route. The 2 routes planned this year are well signposted routes with maps available online.

There are also other navigational apps on your phone that you may choose to use too.

  • What else will I need to pay for?

We either stay in B and B or self-catering accommodation. For B and B’s (Coasts & Castles and The Way of The Roses) you’ll need cash/card to pay for evening meals and lunch, as well as any other spending money you wish to bring along as we do stop on the route for snacks and a look around the areas we are cycling through.  For self-catering accommodation (Lancashire Cycle Way) you will need to bring money for breakfast as we provide basics (fruit/porridge and bread) and then we stop for a more substantial breakfast/snack after a few miles.

For Coasts and Castles and The Way of the Roses we have booked everyone into a twin en suite room. For Lancashire Cycle Way the rooms may accommodate more than two people.

  • What should I bring with me?

B and B accommodation provide toiletries, towels etc… so the minimum amount you think you need as you’ll be carrying it on your bike for the tour. Self-catering accommodation- please bring your own towel/toiletries (a lightweight travel one).

Hopefully our kit list will help you with your packing.

  • Do you allow e bikes?

Yes we do, although we do not take any responsibility for your e -bike and you will need to ensure it is charged up. Most accommodation will allow charging (phones etc..) for free. We can provide accommodation charging policies regarding e bikes on request.

  • Will my bike be secure on the tour?

We do not take any responsibility for your bike. All the accommodation we use provides safe /secure storage for bikes. We always recommend locking bikes together and to a fixed bike stand wherever available, when we are at the accommodation and out and about or at snack stops. A good quality lock is essential.

  • What is the tour itinerary?

There is an itinerary on the website for each tour, once you have signed up, you will be provided with a more detailed itinerary. A typical day would start at around 7.00am with breakfast and preparation, pre ride briefing and cycle checks. We aim to leave our accommodation before 9.00am. We suggest a stop after an hour or two for a 30-minute coffee/tea break, and a longer stop at lunchtime. We generally aim to arrive at our accommodation around 6pm, and head out for dinner. You can always stop on route for dinner if you prefer. We aim to do a post ride briefing and check in every evening. We encourage you to stop off and take in the sights and views along the way and take as many breaks as you need.

  • How do I get to the start location of the tour?

You are responsible for getting to the start of the tour. If you are travelling by train, book in advance to reserve a place for your bike. If you are driving look for long stay car parking options. Of course, some of you may be cycling to the start point!

  • How much training do I need to do?

You should be able to cycle for consecutive days. Our tours are designed to go at your pace, and we encourage you to take breaks and fuel your ride, drink plenty of water and have frequent snacks to keep your energy levels up. In your training, aim to increase your mileage by 10% each week. There are always hills on our tours, and some fabulous downhills to so aim to include hill climbing in your training plan. You will get stronger the more you cycle.

Do visit Am I Fit Enough to Tour? – Atalanta Adventures for further tips.

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